Whirlpool Kitchen Aid Microwave Turntable Glass Tray Plate 12-3/4 BWR981505 fits R0131493

  • $26.15

Whirlpool Kitchen Aid Microwave Turntable Glass Tray Plate 12-3/4 BWR981505 fits R0131493.PERFECT FIT ONLY FOR MODELS (IF YOU'RE NOT SURE THAT THIS PART WILL FIT, ASK US, WE CAN HELP YOU!) . PERFECT FIT FOR MODELS:Appliance Model ACM1580AB-PACM1580AB0 ACM1580AC-PACM1580AC0 ACM1580AS-PACM1580AS0 ACM1580AS-PACM1580AS1 ACM1580AW-PACM1580AW0 ACO1520AB ACO1520AB-PACO1520AB0 ACO1520AC ACO1520AW ACO1520AW-PACO1520AW0 ACO1560AB ACO1560AC ACO1560AS ACO1560AW AMC7159TAB0 AMC7159TAB1 AMC7159TAS0 AMC7159TAS1 AMV1162AAB AMV1162AAQ AMV1162AAS AMV1162AAW AMV5164AAB AMV5164AAQ AMV5164AAS AMV5164AAW AMV5164ACB AMV5164ACS AMV5164ACW GH7155XHS0 GH7155XHS1 GH7155XKB0 GH7155XKQ0 GH7155XKT0 GM8155XJB0 GM8155XJB1 GM8155XJB2 GM8155XJQ0 GM8155XJQ1 GM8155XJQ2 GM8155XJT0 GM8155XJT2 JMC8127DDB JMC8127DDQ JMC8127DDS JMC8127DDW JMC8130DDB JMC8130DDQ JMC8130DDR10 JMC8130DDS JMC8130DDW JMC9158AAB JMC9158AAQ JMC9158AAS JMC9158AAW JMW8527DAB27 JMW8527DAQ27 JMW8527DAS28 JMW8527DAW27 JMW8530DAB28 JMW8530DAQ28 JMW8530DAS28 JMW8530DAW29 JMW9527DAB29 JMW9527DAS30 JMW9527DAW29 JMW9530DAB29 JMW9530DAS30 JMW9530DAW30 KCMC155JBL0 KCMC155JBT0 KCMC155JSS0 KCMC155JWH0 KCMS1555SBL0 KCMS1555SBL1 KCMS1555SBL2 KCMS1555SSS0 KCMS1555SSS1 KCMS1555SSS2 KCMS1555SWH0 KCMS1555SWH1 KCMS1555SWH2 MH6130XEB0 MH6130XEB1 MH6130XEB2 MH6130XEQ0 MH6130XEQ1 MH6130XEQ2 MH6140XKB0 MH6140XKB1 MH6140XKQ0 MH6140XKQ1 MH6140XKQ2 MH6141XKB1 MH6141XKQ0 MH6141XKQ1 MH6141XKQ2 MH6150XHB0 MH6150XHB1 MH6150XHQ0 MH6150XHQ1 MH6150XHT1 MH6150XLB0 MH6150XLB1 MH6150XLQ0 MH6150XLQ1 MH6150XLS0 MH6150XLS1 MH6150XMB0 MH6150XMB1 MH6150XMQ0 MH6150XMS0 MH6150XMS1 MH6150XMT0 MH6150XMT1 MH7130XEB0 MH7130XEB1 MH7130XEB2 MH7130XEQ1 MH7130XEQ2 MH7130XEZ0 MH7130XEZ1 MH7130XEZ2 MH7135XEQ0 MH7135XEQ1 MH7135XEQ2 MMV1153AAB MMV1153AAW MMV5156AAB MMV5156AAQ MMV5156AAS MMV5156AAW MMV5156ACB MMV5156ACQ MMV5156ACS MMV5156ACW MT4111XBG0

  • Seller do not allow sell similar or copy listing, brand registration in progress.
  • R0131493 Only fits size 12-3/4 Microwave Plate
  • ONLY FITS part number R0131493 for model numbers in DESCRIPTION.
  • Perfect fit in brands Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper kenmore Sears Samsung LG Frigidaire Westinghouse and more.
  • We ship same business day after cleared payment.


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