Maytag Amana Dryer Blower Wheel 8" diameter 3-l29l3 BWR981441 fits PS2030883

  • $32.98

Maytag Amana Dryer Blower Wheel 8" diameter 3-l29l3 BWR981441 fits PS2030883.Size: 3-1/8 inches deep, 8 inch fin diameter, 7-1/8 inch hub diameter, 20 standard fins, 1/2 inch diameter motor shaft, 3/8 inch motor shaft diameter to flat side of shaft PERFECT FIT ONLY FOR MODELS (IF YOU'RE NOT SURE THAT THIS PART WILL FIT, ASK US, WE CAN HELP YOU!) . PERFECT FIT FOR MODELS: Appliance Model ADE20N3V ADE7000AYW ADE9000AYW ADG20N3V ADG7000AWW ADG9000AWW AYE1000AYW AYE1200AKW AYE2200AGW AYE2250AYA AYE2250AYW AYG1000AWW AYG1200AWA AYG1200AWW AYG2200AGW CDE22B6M CDE22B6MC CDE22B6V CDE22B6VC CDE22B7M CDE22B7V CDE22B8M CDE22B8V CDE22B8VC CDE6000A CDE6000AZW CDE6000Q CDE6000W CDE6500AZW CDE6500Q CDE6500W CDE7000W CDE7500AZW CDE7500Q CDE7500W CDE8000A CDE8000AZW CDE8000W CDE8500AZW CDE8500W CDG22B6M CDG22B6V CDG22B7V CDG22B8V CDG6000A CDG6000Q CDG6000W CDG6500Q CDG6500W CDG7000W CDG7500Q CDG7500W CDG8000A CYE1000AYW CYE2000AKW CYE2000AYA CYE2000AYW CYE2000AZW CYE3004AGW CYE3004AKW CYE3004AYW CYE3004AZW CYE4000AGW CYE4000AYA CYE4000AYS CYE4000AYW CYE4000AZS CYE4000AZW CYG1000AWW CYG1004AWW CYG2000AWA CYG2000AWW CYG3004AWW CYG4000AWA CYG4000AWS CYG4000AWW DEP222VC DEP224VC DGP224V DLE231RAW DLG231RAW HYE2460AYW HYE3460AYW HYE3657AYW HYE3658AYW HYE3658AZW HYG2460AWW HYG3460AWW HYG3657AWW HYG3658AWW JDE1000A JDE1000W JDE2000W JDG2000A JDG2000W LDE1000ACE LDEA100BCE LDEA200ACE LDEA200ACM LDEA400ACE LDGA100BAE LNC7766A00 LNC7766A71 LNC7766B71 LNC8760A71 LNC8764A71 LNC8766A00 LNC8766A71 LNC8766B71 MCE8000AYQ MCE8000AYW MCE8000AZQ MCE8000AZW MCG8000AWQ MCG8000AWW MYE3350AGW NYE3200AGW NYE3200AYW PYE1000AYW PYE1000AZW PYE2000AKE PYE2000AYW PYE2000AZW PYE2000GGE PYE2200AKW PYE2200AYW PYE2200AZW PYE2300AYW PYE2300AZW PYE3200AGW PYE3200AYW PYE3200AZW PYE3300AGW PYE3300AKW PYE3300AYW PYE3300AZW PYE3360AYW PYE4500AYQ PYE4500AYW PYE4500AZW PYE4557AYW

  • Seller do not allow sell similar or copy listing, brand registration in progress.
  • PS2030883 Special Kit, Included online installation manual.
  • ONLY FITS part number PS2030883 for model numbers in DESCRIPTION.
  • Perfect fit in brands Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper kenmore Sears Samsung LG Frigidaire Westinghouse and more.
  • We ship same business day after cleared payment.


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