2183456: Overload for Whirlpool refrigerator

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2183456: Overload for Whirlpool refrigerator

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Replacement Part Number:
WP2183456 (AP6005995) replaces 2183456, 61001983, 14212929, PS11739057

Model #:
Used CTRL + F to search for Model #.

Model # locate in the back of the panel or inside the door.

ED25RFXFW00 ED25PQXFW01 ED25TQXGW00 KSRS25QGWH01 ED25TQXFW01 ED25PQXFW02 CTB1722ARW ED25LFXGW00 ATF2110DRW ED25RFXFB00 KSRB25FHSS01 MTB1954ARW CTB1925DRW CTF2125DRW SS25AQXHW00 ATB1710DRW CTB1722ARA CTB1922ARW CTF1920ARW GD25DFXFW01 CTB1723ARW GD25DQXFW01 MTB1954ARA MTB2154ARW PTB1953DRW KSRB25QGSS01 MTB1954DRW MTB2154ARA CTB1720ARW KSRS25FGWH00 ED25RFXFN00 GD25DFXFB01 MTB2154DRA MTB1753ARW MTB2148DRW CTB1923ARW ED25CQXFW02 KSCS25QFWH01 MTB2455ARW SS27AQXHW00 CTB2124ARW CTF1925DRW ED27PQXFW01 KSRE25FHWH00 10658582890 CTF1920ARA ED25CQXFW01 ED25PQXFN01 KSRS25FGWH01 MTB2154DRW ATF1910DRW ATF2110DRA CTB1921ARW CTF1921ARA ED25CQXFB01 GD25DFXFW00 KSRS27QGWH01 MTF2455DRW TS25AFXHW00 10657572791 CT21A6FW CTB1922ARA ED25TQXFN01 KSCS27QFWH01 KSRS27FGBT02 MTB1955BRW ATB1914ARW ATF1910DRA ED25UQXGW01 ED27PQXFN01 GD25DFXFN00 GD25DQXFN01 MTF1954ARW PTB1753DRW ATB1910DRQ CT17A2W CTB1720ARA CTB2125DRA ED25PQXFN02 GD25DQXFB01 KSRB25QGBL01 KSRS27FGWH02 MTB1742ARW MTB1948DRA MTB2155BRW ATB2110DRW CT17A2A CTF1923AAW CTF2125DRA ED27PEXHW00 KSRB27FHSS01 KSRS25QGBL01 MTB1948DRQ MTB2455BRW PTB2153DRA PTB2153DRW SS25AEXHW01 ATB1914ARA ED25CQXFB02 ED25LFXGB00 ED25TQXGN00 KSRS25QGAL01 MTB1943ARW MTB1948ARA MTF2455ERW PTB1953DRA 10657562791 10657575791 10658585892 10658782892 ATB1710DRA CTB1920ARA CTB1925DRB CTB2125DRW CTF2123ARW CTF2124ARW ED27PEXHT00 GD25DFXFB00 GD25DFXFN01 KSRB27QGBL01 KSRB27QGSS01 KSRS25FGAL00 KSRS25FGBL00 KSRS25FGBT01 KSRS27FGAL00 MTB2148DRA MTB2148DRB MTB2155BRA MTF2155DRW MTF2455ERB 10658562890 CT19B4W CTB1722ARQ CTB1723ARA CTB1923ARA CTB1925DRA CTB2122ARW CTF2123ARA ED25CQXFN01 GD27DFXFW01 GT1787PKCW KSRB25FHBL01 KSRS27FGBL00 KSRS27FGBL02 MTB1948DRW MTB1955ARA MTB2448DRW MTB2455DRW MTF1955ERW MTF2455DRB PTB1953DRQ PTB2153DRQ 10657562792 10658582891 10658782890 CT19A5A CT21B7Q CT21B7W CTB2124ARB CTB2424ARA CTF1923ARW CTF2120ARW CTF2124ARA CTF2125DRQ ED25LFXGN00 ED25LFXGT00 ED25TQXFW02 ED27PQXFN02 ED27PQXFW02 GD25SFXHS01 GD27DFXFB00 GD27DQXFB01 GD27DQXFW01 JTB1986ARA JTB2186ARA KSCS25QFAL01 KSRE25FHBT00 KSRS25FGBL01 KSRS25FGBT00 KSRS27FGWH00 KSRS27QGAL01 MTB1753ARA MTB1948DRB MTB1953ARA MTB1953ARW MTB1954DRA MTB1955BRA MTF1955DRW MTF2155BRA MTF2155BRW MTF2155DRA MTM1943ARW PTB2453DRW 10658562891 10658567890 10658582892 10658585890 10658585891 10658782891 7ED27DQXFN01 ATB1712ARA CT19A5W CT19A6FA CT19B4A CT21A5A CTB1925DRQ CTB2122ARA CTB2123ARW CTB2124ARA CTB2424ARW CTF1921ARW CTF1923ARA CTF1924ARW CTF2120ARA CTM1722ARW CTM1921ARW ED25CQXFN02 ED25TQXFW03 GD27DFXFB01 GD27DQXFN01 GT1911PXCW JTB1987ARA JTB1987ARW JTB2186ARW KSCS27QFAL01 KSRB25FGSS00 KSRB25FGWH00 KSRB25FHBT01 KSRB27FHBL01 KSRB27FHWH01 KSRS25KGWH00 KSRS25QGWH02 KSRS27FGBT00 KSRS27FGWH01 MTB1954DRQ MTB1955ARW MTB1955DRW MTB1955ERW MTB2148ARW MTB2153ARW MTB2154DRQ MTB2155ARA MTB2448DRQ MTB2455ARA MTB2455BRA MTF1943ARW MTF1955DRA MTF1955ERQ MTM1742ARW NTB1710ARB PTB1753DRA 10648562890 10648567890 10657532792 10657567791 10657567792 10657577791 10657579791 10657752791 10657757791 10657762791 10657765791 10657767791 10658567891 10658587890 10658587891 10658587892 10658599890 10658599891 10658599892 10658785890 10658785891 10658785892 10658787890 10658787891 10658787892 10659532990 10659537990 10659542990 10659545990 10659547990 10659562990 10659567990 10659568990 10659569990 10659582990 10659587990 10659589990 10659742990 10659745990 10659747990 10659782990 10659787990 10659789990 7ED25DQXFW01 7ED25DQXFW02 7ED27DQXFN02 7ED27DQXFW01 7ED27DQXFW02 7GD27DFXFT00 7GD27DFXFW00 8ED25DQXFN01 8ED25DQXFW01 8ED25PQXFN01 8ED25PQXFN02 8ED25PQXFW01 8ED25PQXFW02 8ED27DQXFN01 8ED27DQXFW01 AQU2003TRW04 ATB1710DRQ ATB1712ARW ATB1713ARA ATB1713ARW ATB1910DRW ATB1912ARA ATB1912ARW ATB1913ARA ATB1913ARW ATB2110DRQ ATB2112ARA ATB2112ARW ATB2113ARA ATB2113ARW ATF1910DRQ ATF1913ARA ATF1913ARW ATF2110DRQ BRS71ABANA01 BRS71ABANA02 CT17A2Q CT17A3A CT17A3W CT17B3A CT17B3Q CT17B3W CT19A4A CT19A4W CT19A5B CT19A5Q CT19A6FQ CT19A6FW CT19B4Q CT19B6FQ CT19B6FW CT21A5Q CT21A5W CT21A6FA CT21A6FQ CT21B6FQ CT21B6FW CTB1710DRA CTB1710DRW CTB1720ARB CTB1723ARQ CTB1724ARA CTB1724ARW CTB1920ARW CTB1921ARA CTB1921ARQ CTB1922ARQ CTB1924ARA CTB1924ARB CTB1924ARW CTB2123ARA CTB2125DRB CTB2125DRQ CTF1722ARA CTF1722ARW CTF1910DRA CTF1910DRW CTF1921ARQ CTF1924ARA CTF1925DRA CTF1925DRQ CTM1722ARA ED25RQXFN02 ED25RQXFW02 ED25TQXFN02 ED25TQXFN03 ED25UQXGN00 ED25UQXGN01 ED25UQXGW00 ED27PEXHB00 ED27QFXHB00 ED27QFXHT00 ED27QFXHW00 EV188NYWQ01 EV188NYWS01 EV201NZTQ02 EV201NZTQ03 EV205NXTN02 EVL202NXTN02 GD25SFXHS00 GD27DFXFN00 GD27DFXFN01 GD27DFXFW00 GT1581NKCW GT1587NKCW GT1711PXCA GT1711PXCW GT1711PXEA GT1711PXEW GT1713PXCA GT1713PXCW GT1781NKCW GT1911PXCA GT1911PXEA GT1911PXEQ GT1911PXEW GT1912PXCA


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